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This is why we do what we do!

From Kathy McCoy


"Kevin Truitt was recommended to us for training.  Our 2 Dobermans each had their own different challenges. The male was extremely dog and people aggressive, and the female's prey drive for cats, bunnies, and squirrels was off the chart. Neither would walk on a leash without pulling us everywhere, and wouldn't listen to commands. 


Kevin worked with them together and separate for 3 weeks at his kennel.  The change was amazing! They will sit, down, wait, and stay with both/either voice or hand commands, and will "Place" on their platforms.  He was able to put our male in a down - stay, and have several large breed dogs circle him and sniff him, with no reaction. And he has cats that train the dogs too!  Our female ignored his cat Hunter, who went right up and layed down next to her. Amazing!!!


We can now take them with us to pet friendly parks and stores, like Lowe's, and hiking in Ocmulgee National Park, without any issues or concerns. 


We used to have to put up child gates to block off the kitchen because of counter surfing. Kevin trains them in real life situations, so now, all we have to say is "Out of the kitchen", and they are!  


They also don't even think about getting on the furniture. And sleep peacefully in their crates instead of taking over our bed!


One of the best outcomes of their training, is that I (a 50 year old, 5'4" lady) can put 2 Dobermans on a tandem leash and take them for walks. They are trained to sit when I stop walking. 


Just today, I was walking them, and stopped to talk to a neighbor.  They sat without a command.  I put them in a down - stay, and dropped the leash while we conversed. Then I picked up the leash, and said, "with me", and we continued our walk.  That's amazing!


Kevin is always available for questions and assistance to reinforce his training. You don't get that support from PetSmart puppy classes!"

From Mylinda Moore

"Eight months ago my son and I were introduced to Mr. Kevin Truitt and his Diamond Cut Kennels.  We have had an outstanding experience. Mr. Truitt took time to discuss the expectations of our family and what we were looking for in a pet and determined that a German Shepherd would be a good match for my son.  Noah was looking for a dog to be a loyal family pet as well as to be used for personal protection.  He picked out a beautiful male GS puppy and we couldn’t be more pleased.  As a matter of fact, we have been so pleased with our Argos, that we went back to purchase a mate for him.  We are now the proud owners of two beautiful German Shepherds bred by Mr. Truitt.  

Our dogs have proven to be extremely stable in temperament. They are healthy, breathtaking in their beauty, keenly intelligent, have very strong protective instincts, are highly intuitive, and are loving, highly driven animals that still enjoy their lovey time with their humans.  There is no possible search that could have brought us to a higher quality of animals, or a more responsible breeder, than what we have found with Mr. Truitt and his breeding program.  

We have also found Mr. Truitt himself, to be extremely helpful, patient, encouraging, honorable, generous with his time and expertise, and noble in all aspects of our relationship. We have been able to enjoy a sense of Christian fellowship with him that seems to permeate each moment of every occasion in which we have found ourselves in his presence.  

I highly recommend his kennel to anyone looking for an excellent well rounded animal, and I recommend Mr. Truitt as a gifted trainer capable of breeding and training an animal that can meet and exceed your every need and expectation."

From Grace Marie

"Kevin is a super nice Christian man! He runs a very honest business. We couldn't be happier with our German Shepherd. She is SO smart! She is great with our other dog and super sweet with our children. She fit right into our family!"

From Matthew Myers

"Great breeder, wonderful experience. We love our shepherd."

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